Steinbruch Kalkofen Visualisierung Schaltschrank
Intelligent Engineering

Our serivces:
• Automation
• Mechanical engineering
• Technical Engineering
• PLC Programming/Visualization
• Training

Special subjects:
• Lime shaft kiln
• Wood technology
• Product marking system
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Lime shaft kiln


For many years the ETIG GmbH realizes lime shaft kiln projects together with Zeisel Consulting Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Zeisel.


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Our services

• Delivery of new lime shaft kiln (turnkey):

Complete process engineering, mechanical and electrical


Annular shaft kiln


Annular shaft kiln


Capacity of 100 – 1000 t lime / day


Limestone grain size: 15/50, 40/80, 60/120 mm



Multichamber shaft kiln

Multichamber shaft klin


Capacity of 100 – 300 t lime / day



Mixed firing shaft kiln


Mixed firing shaft kiln


Capacity of 100 – 500 t lime / day







Modernization (procedural, mechanical and electrical) of your lime shaft kiln:

- New loading system
- New delivery system
- New burner technology
- New electrical and control over visulization system


• Increase performance of your lime shaft kiln


• Conversion to other fuels:Conversion fuels lime shaft kiln

- Conversion to naturel gas firing
- Conversion to coal dust firing
- Conversion to petrol coke firing
- Conversion to heavy oil firing

- Possible combination of several kinds of fuel